Cyber Tactility is the digital degree show of the Graphic Design Bachelor program at Malmö University 2021. The title reveals the challenge that designers have confronted over the past year. When most information is filtered through the algorithms, pixels or points on a screen, how do we create design that speaks to the senses? Do we even need to make physical, printed products anymore? In the contemporary digital environment, we are no longer confined to physical material so our design work can materialize online more easily than ever and reach a larger audience. The graduation projects of the class of 2021 includes; 3D mock-ups of books, magazines, games and product prototypes design. Some of these projects have never taken on a physical materiality beyond the vector of red, green and blue pixels on a screen. Inspired by this paradox the class of 2021, have programmed an exhibition that invites you to sense the digital tactility. You are welcome to let your fingers navigate through the “Cyber Tactility”.