Jennie Bengtsson


Green Guardians

The purpose of my design project was to explore if board games, through user-centered design and playtesting, could become more intuitive and create a more captivating gaming experience. The goal was to create a board game which is easy to understand without disturbing the graphic design, art and illustrative experience. GREEN GUARDIANS is a project that integrates the end-user in the creation process of board game design and hence strengthening my design choices. Two aspects influenced my choice of project;
1. We are all influenced by the current pandemic and it has affected both our mental health and lifestyle. Despite the digital era, board games are here to stay. According to SIFO, board gaming sales has grown 20% since the start of the pandemic and more than one third stated that board games has had a significant role in their mental well-being. Board games create joy, fellowship and reduces loneliness.
2. Rapid changes in today's digital world push companies to improve their products through online reviews and quick feedback. Competitiveness is high due to the web's accessibility and it’s easy to disappear in the crowd if the end-user isn’t satisfied. Therefore, it’s relevant to create a board game through user-centered design where the end-user can be involved and influence the result as early as possible in the development phase. The result is a fully functional board game where I designed everything from game components, game board, playing cards, rule book, game box and logotype. Enjoy!