Hanna Roskvist


Varje Kropp

Varje Kropp is a digital campaign with the purpose of encouraging young adults to love their body the way it is. The idea was to create a digital forum where young adults together can fight for body positivity and the acceptance of every body. The project involves modern marketing where PR-packages including t-shirts with body positive prints are being sent to influencers in order to draw attention to the project in social media. The target group will take notice of the project through their favorite influencers and engage in the project by visiting Varje Kropp’s instagram page and website. By sharing their own stories they can be a part of the campaign and help other young adults realize that their body is valid just the way it is. The t-shirts will also be for sale and can help start important conversations or bring attention to the subject. The colorful and playful design of the campaign was created to stand out in a world of social media where we are faced with thousands of impressions every day. The design was also created to fit the core values of the project which are inclusivity, positivity and community. Varje Kropp is a forum where everyone is welcome.