Siri Ahlström



My project is an exploration between printed matter and digital format, portrayed in a photographical and audial portrait of women and marianismo culture in Nicaragua. The purpose of the project was to examine whether synergy could occur through combining printed and digital formats, thus providing an enhanced experience for the observer. Mujeres means ‘women’ in spanish, and is a printed magazine with complementary audios. The magazine contains two parts. The first one features historical artworks, as a visual way to explore the traditional hispanic gender roles, with additional explanatory text. The second part is portraying four Nicaraguan women in photography and text. For every portrait, there’s an audio to take part of, put up on a simple landing page to decrease the risk of distraction from the printed matter. The idea is to listen to the women’s stories in spanish, while reading the english translation in the magazine. I chose to put all of my main texts on inlays, to give space for the photos and portraits, but also to create kind of an analog hyperlink as a wink back to the digital hyperlink that is the audios. I wanted to carry out this project because I’ve experienced the strong culture of machismo and marianismo myself, while living in Nicaragua, and I wanted to address that and at the same time give a voice to the woman to speak up about these topics.