Sanna Ralman


En plats för den hållbara förpackningen på den fina vinhyllan

During my education, I've become interested in sustainable perspectives on design and I think that it is important to make conscious decisions as a designer. Systembolaget states on their website: “Packaging accounts for a third of our total climate impact. In other words, an area where we can make a big difference ... ”. Sustainability is an important issue of our time and climate-smarter packaging is necessary. According to Systembolaget, their most sustainable packaging is made from cardboard and I wonder why their most sustainable packaging seems to be the least common. My aim was to find a more sustainable solution for packaging wine, but in a way that can still be appealing to the consumer. Change takes time and I believe that SOIR can make it easier for the consumer to make a transition. Strong communication has been essential to reach the consumer with important information about the purpose and function of the bottle. The SOIR bottle challenges the traditional wine culture by offering the consumer a more sustainable packaging and is up to seven times more environmentally friendly than a regular glass bottle. The construction is very simple; the top piece is made from sugarcane plastic and the bottom part consists of a cardboard container. Open the bottle just like any other bottle by twisting the cap off. When you want to recycle it, you separate the plastic from the paper, by snapping the top part off. There is no need to compromise on quality when making conscious choices.