Susanna Fält


Branding Suzano

My project started with an idea to design a package for shoes and that it would be the core of the project. A packaging that was environmentally friendly based on materials and that no plastic bag was needed. During the process, the package became less important when the concept behind Suzano outshined it. It has been instructive to discover how research and swat analysis pushed creation forward and helped to formulate vision and the core values that have come to represent my brand. Basically, the topic of gender, inclusion and empowering people has driven my project. These are important and current topics that concern our modern society. During the process, I have spent an incredible amount of time looking for images that are representative of my vision of the Suzano brand. It has been one of the most challenging and difficult parts, finding people in high heels who radiate power and integrity. Behind my design choices, the idea of not underestimating people has been central to being able to create a unique, distinctive brand that is unlike anything I have seen before, where the core is the mysterious, the attitude, the speed, the urban and the cross-border to art. Suzano is based on the belief in change and a contemporary that argues that people can change their way of thinking, being and acting. By sticking to that philosophy, I want to see Suzano's role as a guide for culture and inclusion where creativity is a force for everyone's equal value.