Matilda Melin


Mindmatters rebranding

Rebranding has been created for the relatively new business Mindmatters. Mindmatters teach mindfulness to individuals who need help to improve their well-being. With the current profile, they do not reach their target audience and are not visible on the market, which is unfortunate. The WHO reports that approximately 20% of all children and young people experience mental health problems. Therefore, this project is very crucial. With a new graphic profile and communication, I want Mindmatters to reach out to those who feel unwell and needs help to improve their well-being. The project focuses primarily on a new logotype and screen-based communication in the form of a website and social media. These platforms are very relevant today where most people have access to a computer or smartphone and use these daily. Screen-based communication gives the company more and greater opportunities to reach out and connect with its target audience, especially in these times during a pandemic. A campaign has also been created that will be available in schools, health centers and outdoors in general to spread Mindmatter's message. Mindmatters should be a personal and innovative business. The target audience is curious and likes to see a colorful and positive approach instead of something too serious. The goal was therefore to create a personal, innovative, and colorful identity for Mindmatters so they can reach their target audience.