David Nilsson
Philip Pålsson



Our design project is about creating a digital platform where older people can learn how to interact with digital interfaces and also learn how to think on the internet, as well as create a way for these people to avoid digital exclusion. We call this digital plattform Eduku Digital exclusion is a modern problem caused by the fact that digital development has developed rapidly and left certain social groups behind. A large proportion of these are seniors according to the Internetstiftelsen yearly reports. It is for these people that we want to create a springboard of sorts. We want to create an easy to understand and useful product that is aesthetically attractive, but also accessible for those who need the extra learning help. Today, there are very many different learning platforms on the internet. These platforms usually fall under the category "Edtech", i.e. learning that takes place via digital means. However, there are not very many that are aimed at older people. We see this as a large potential target group in the world of Edtech and have therefore also chosen to focus on that target group. Because many older people experience complications such as impaired vision and hearing, and they may also generally not have as great an understanding of digital interfaces as many, younger people, our platform is based on a completely accessible design. This is our way to communicate with our target group and help the seniors take the first step into a more inclusive digital world.