Oscar Olsson



Hässleholm is a municipality in northern Scania that borders Småland in the north, and together with Osby municipality and Östra Göinge municipality constitute the area Göinge. The municipality is known for a low density of inhabitants living on the largest municipality by land in Scania. The region has suffered from a slight depopulation during the last couple of years. Where the largest demographic group is young people between the age of 18 to 35 is moving to other municipalities in Scania or Sweden from Hässleholm. My project is an attempt to create a solution for the depopulation, was to create a digital publication where I informed and reminded the residents of the municipality about why the municipality is appealing and nice to live and spend your days in. The project resulted in me making a digital editorial template and a campaign that makes it easy to writers and editors to include visual and written material that includes the entire Municipality of Hässleholm and not only the city of Hässleholm. The visual language of the publication is strongly inspired by books, publications and prints that are printed and / or originate from the municipality of Hässleholm from 1950 to 1990.